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When creating a PAMM account, the money manager can decide whether to make the account public or private. Once a PAMM setting has been done, there’s no possibility to change the setting from private to public or vice versa. If the money manager chooses to have Public PAMM, the PAMM account will appear in the full list of PAMM Portfolios on Long Asia’s website. Where any investors are welcomed to join the PAMM account. This type of account is recommended for those who wish to actively attract investors. On the other side, Private PAMM will not appear in our list of portfolios on the website. Money managers can carry out own strategy testing, and freely select the investors that they would like them to join the investment.

PAMM is an essential software for money managers to fully integrate multi-account management. This software allows trade execution for multiple client accounts with ease and is able to execute block orders with just one click under a master account arrangement. The software is conveniently linked to the MT4 platform, allowing traders to easily execute a trade from a terminal.

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